A bit about me...

I have done graduate work in statistics (frequentist & bayesian) and have several years of experience doing statistical & machine learning analyses. This work has predominately been done in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience, working with complex neuroimaging/fMRI datasets, in which I did research for several years at Dartmouth College. Prior to this I worked in a similar capacity at Princeton University.

I have also worn many hats while building software and doing back-end web development. In these roles, I like using Vim, within Tmux, from a Zshell, via Debian Linux (or some derivative thereof). Moreover, I have several years of experience in coding with Python and R (amongst others), in which I enjoy using the many great data analysis, visualization and web based libraries. In this regard, I have given talks regarding the use of Python, most notably at PyCon.

Additionally, while I was a Data Engineering fellow at Insight Data Science, I created a web app called anywaze, which borrowed and did real-time streaming and batch analytics on Waze data.

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